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Strategic Tanks - Large Scale Fluid Handling & Rigging Systems
 Call us at: 574-807-2403
Mike Stockrahm, CEO
25 years of equipment rental, oilfield finance, finance expert, successful business management and ownership.
My number.  (574) 807 2403 


About Strategic Tanks, Inc.
STI was founded upon the premise that oil and gas exploration companies can both save and grow America.  We wanted to be a contributor to America's energy exploration rebirth.  STI researched the best tank designs in the industry.  STI combines innovative tank design with a superior fluid-handling and rigging team to join the future.  Our products and services are brought to you by high talent and solid character individuals.  People make up our team - and our team is committed to your success.

We have equipment yards in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to serve you on short notice.  Staging our equipment for your needs is our priority.

Your completion site deserves a team that understands the cost of a lost hour on a tight schedule,  values site safety mandates, exceeds all compliance requirements, and has motivated performers.  Strategic Tanks is your safe, reliable, and talented tank company.  Mobilization, installation, cleaning, heating, de-mobilization done safely, done on time, done every time. 
Committed to helping our O&G customers grow and prosper

North Dakota






For Operations:
Contact COO & Site Manager
30 years of oilfield site service, rigging, demolition, site prep, sales, equipment operations, excavation, safety and compliance expert.  Award winning contractor.

Inquiries will be referred to field supervisor by region.

Mid-Region Site Management Number.  
(231) 349 5036  24/7/365! 

Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and North Dakota

East Region Site Management Number.
(724) 621 2610 24/7/365!  Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia