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Strategic Tanks - Large Scale Fluid Handling & Rigging Systems
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ST24 Generation IV Tank
​24,000 Barrels
Installation in hours
Patent pending on all designs

ST40 - Generation IV Tank
Rigging Services
Strategic Tanks, Inc. - Products
We have brought a new generation of large-scale portable steel tanks in multiple configurations to the O&G exploration market.  

Innovative designs and multiple sizes for every exploration site footprint.  We have all the accessories you need including heaters, liners, pumps, pipes and valves.  Customized to your site.

STI tanks are ergonomic, safe, reliable, speedy, and productivity enhancing.
40,000 Barrels
Quick installation & site prep
Professional installation crews
Professional crews
Quality equipment
Oilfield Safety Trained and Maintained
Skilled equipment operators
Manifolds, Liners, Hoses, Valves, Covers
Every accessory in frac fluid handling
Delivered and installed
Professional rigging crews
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.